As I am lying alone on bed at 3 p.m


I wonder what it will be after summers break,


With 4th yearites gone


Would the hostel activities be ever on track?




I think of those smiling faces,


Winning for hostel in races,


Taking pride in anything they do,


I think I cant fit in their shoe.




Suddenly a thought comes to my mind,


That I cant live without them,


But I know I will forget them some day,


But in deep memories, I will think of them.




I think of them going is a pain,


But its like heat in the rain,


It will not be there some day,


I hope that the memories will wash away.






Sorry for a bad vocabulary .Its my first ever writing in English and that also a plzz forgive me..and appreciate it..So that u can see some gud writings in future . 🙂




~ by lonerviadefault on April 23, 2007.

11 Responses to “lamhein……”

  1. getting too sentimental on seniors farewell isn’t justified yaar … itne senti toh woh bhi nahin ho rahe hoge .. chillax 🙂

  2. thanx but sometimes you get too emotional…..that’s just it…..

  3. Thanx my dear… lalli

  4. dont get senti sandy, I know sometime down the line u too would grow up as an artist like me … he he [:)]

  5. nice writing… too emotional… abhi ye haal hai to aage kya hoga janaab ka…

  6. @ Alien,JINDAL,Fraud……..thanx for reading and appreciating my first writing…lalli…. @ FRAUD yaa tere jaisa artist to nhi ban paunga……par..yaar senti to hona banta hai yaar…….wo log jaa rhe hain…

  7. Pata nahi tha Sandeepan itna senti banda hai kya…accha likh hai

  8. thanx bhai…hu thoda sa senti……jaldi aas pas walon se pyar(lagaw) ho jaata hai…

  9. main hounga tere saath…11…

  10. Shakespeare of IIT !!!!

  11. Nice work bhai.

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