screw u guys

You guys… You guys.. You guys,……

Usually I don prefer to write unless it is about me…..but this guy….eric cartman..has forced me to write…

U may be wondering….who the f**k is eric cartman….well, he is character from cartoon series”Southpark”. If u have not see n it…then screw u guys….i m goin home to watch it….

Now here are some unique properties which makes CARTMAN everybody’s favorite…..

1. He is quite fat..But he says he is big boned.

2. He always eats a thing called cheesy poofs……if u can hear it from his mouth…it is awesome.

3. The way he calls his mother ..whenever he needs something….”maaaaaaam,could you pleeease buy this thing….but maaaaaaaaam….i need this”

4. Whenever he scolds somebody…first line..”no kitty u r not supposed to eat it”…second line”no kitty this is bad kitty”

5. His views about jews(pardon me if I write anything wrong)….He thinks anything happens wrong…….it’s a jew’s fault.

6. If at all..anyone is creatin problem for him….he thinks that the best way to avoid is to kill him(literally).

7. His voice….i bet if u hear it…..u are goin to laugh a hell outa u.

So these were the general properties of eric cartman…….if you find a person with these properties…..plzz report to me….he hud be eric cartman….


~ by lonerviadefault on June 7, 2007.

One Response to “screw u guys”

  1. abe yeh kya hai, kuch bhi likh dega.

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