Hey buddies……who the hell care about title…..so make it whatever…

So in this whatever…m goin to write about my recent trip to angsana (a beautiful resort near Bangalore)…

So we boarded our buses and started our small but interesting journey. So as always…our group (including all the back benchers) was at back seats….n we started singing songs in our great voices….everybody had their heads turned in our directions….the look on their face(what the f**k are they singin) told us to stop..Instead they also started singing except some firangi guys…(kuchh samzh nhi aa rha tha naa unhe)….then we started playin antakshri and it was really crappy….

We arrived dere at around 11:30 and we were told that lunch will be at 1..so we had lots of time for wandering around and see if we could find something interesting(read beautiful girls)…but our search landed no were…So we played a cricket game and then headed for lunch.

After the lunch started the great MSR treasure hunt….which made us crap in our pants….it was such a pain…the puzzles were too good. But our team managed (under my great captaincy…ya I was captain of my team) 10 puzzle(I think I solved all of them J) out of 12..but we still lost.but who cares..We enjoyed.

Then after treasure hunt…we were back to rooms to refresh ourselves. So at 8, we were back to party hall…where every one was dancing like a freak(literally).So that was a gud chance.I had small amount of red wine and joined those freaks and in 2 min .i was too a freak..den some pretty ladies joined us and we danced our hearts out(we had no idea our body was going to say the next day:::who the f**k r u to mess wid me) n after some time a had a tequila shot for the first time..It tasted kind of good. Then again dancing with bunch of freaks. We danced till 11 and after talking some crap…we were bak to our rooms for a sound sleep.

The next day we sneaked into the swimming pool and I learnt a bit of swimmimg. i swam a few meters without getting drowned. It was gud. Then I had breakfast and then the theatre work shop started and a weird lookin guy came and said”r u ready”. We said yes J . And then the workshop started. I was expecting it to be pretty boring. But it was interestin. It gave me a chance to kiss (virtually) good lookin ladies(pretty senior to me).And at end we did a little skit in which I played a role of HANUMAN BHAKT. Then after the workshop was over.we again sneaked into pool and tried our hands on water polo. We were in water from 4 to 7 pm…our skin was goin to peel off.but we came out and saved ourselves.

Than at night again wine dine and dance.But iot was different this time.There was a small fashion show in which all the researchers came in J different J dresses and we really enjoid that thing and after that we danced again like previous nite.Then after dance we were sitting in front of our room and played antakshri. Two of our frends were drunk like hell. They were like”I m alrite,I don need any help, you morons”.but they were completely out of mind.So we were singing till a guard came and our beautiful singing skills were put on an hault and we decided to sleep.

The next day we had break fast and started bak…but the pain in the whole body(result of ruthless dancin) was still dere and my body was cursing me.

So we arrived at office but I was not feeling like doin work. So I got bak to my room and had some sleep and came back to office at 10 pm.And here I m sittin writin this piece of crap knowing that nobody will rcare to read it.Still screw you guys..i m goin to write “whatever”



~ by lonerviadefault on June 12, 2007.

10 Responses to “Whatever”

  1. amazing…..ya dats da right word for it…..

  2. sahi hain…so who taught u swimming? 😉

  3. excellent choice of title, and way of narrating incidents makes feel us unlucky

  4. thanx buddy…i think it solved it’s purpose 🙂

  5. abe saale itna “so” ya mat kar .
    Waise pahli baar ke hisab se sahi hai…..
    kuch ulta seedha bhi uchal de koi dairy thode hi hai;
    tu kya feel karta hai types…

  6. one of those typical “Sandeepan Ki Kahaniyan” & because this is on WWW and has my name so i’d censor it .. would request you to write more crap, we love those !!

  7. thanx buddy,i will continue to write crap… 🙂

  8. “sandeepan
    aur comment bhi likh diy
    acchha ya bura

    le likh diya….neutral hai..hehe

  9. yaar tune to comment bhi whatever likh diya…whatever me copyright hai

  10. Sahi hai yaar…mast machai hai..

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