As the auto stopped at signal,
there came a smiling face,
i could’nt figure it out.
was it smile or was she just making a face..

it was not a cute face…
standing there was a 6 year old girl
begging me to buy a pen..
the pen with a torch..
oh…she lives a dark life..
with no torch at all…….

i tried to give her 2 rupees.
but she won’t take it..
she said please buy it for 10 rupees
i said i wont be able to make it..

but she insisted on it..
like her life was on stake..
at last…i bought the pen..
oh..i could see the smile on her face..
a smile for just 10 rupees..
like wind was blowing through trees..

by now..the signal was green..
so i was gone from the scene..
there were too many other..
a part of my mind said,,why bother..


~ by lonerviadefault on November 13, 2007.

7 Responses to “Smile”

  1. hey, kewl poem…..

  2. gud one.

  3. Sahi likha hai yaar, mast hai

  4. next time i l definately bother to bring smile on someone”s face

  5. somethin more than a poem.. n simply touchin

  6. Not bad dude, mein toh sochta tha tu keval southpark dekhta tha 🙂

  7. 🙂 thanks dude..

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