The Perfect Dream

Had a dream last night,

No scary ghost, just a fight,

A simple story,

Days of my glory.


I am a king of a big country,

But not so happy

Coz missing in my life,

Is a lovely sweet wife.


Far from my kingdom,

Lives a king,

They say her daughter,

One day,

Would lead to a slaughter.


The night I decided,

That I will fight that king,

Slide in her daughter’s hands,

A beautiful diamond ring.


 So next day, my ships are ready,

Guns are blazing,

I start the journey,

Not knowing the ending.


War began, slaughtering began,

I also joined,

Riding on to my horse,

Killing without mercy.


There I saw the girl,

The girl who took over my heart,

Shedding precious tears like rain.

Holing her father’s head,

Asking me to kill her.


A tear rolled down my eyes,

Bending on to my knees,

I ask her to go with me,


Comes from nowhere a arrow,

Piercing and bonding over bodies into one

We were dying slowly,

But I lived thousand lives,

Seeing into her eyes.



~ by lonerviadefault on June 13, 2008.

8 Responses to “The Perfect Dream”

  1. accha hai

  2. qute story with sad end…

  3. what a nice poem… fundooo !!

  4. are..sad endings seem more beautiful…

  5. well…it was quite an touching poem…

    it reflects ur desire or passion for someone

  6. may be some internal desire…i dunno 😛

  7. Hi all, I m writing this with a knife across my neck.. so, I can’t say anything wrong here.. Still, I wud say that it is a very lovely poem.. typical sandeepan style.. but the ending is different.. I m surprised how cud he thought abt that.. The last 2 lines are simply amazing.. nd the most beautiful.. nd against his own style of writing.. well, keep up buddy.. nd there is no need to use a knife.. this one is really nice, doesn’t need forced praise..

  8. sad ending ! they are more beautiful..
    loved it.. quite a start

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