Ah! Another weekend and again! Me standing on the road hitch-hiking, following “Meher’s guide on ten ways how not to hitch-hike”. Hundreds of vehicles passed by till one car stopped.



Whooopie!!Lottery!! Three gorgeous girls. They asked me where to go? I held my breath and told them my destination. Fortunately they were going on the same way. I was sitting on the back seat of the car. The girls in the front were talking shit but the one on back with me was silent. What a innocent face! I told myself. The car stopped at my location and two people got out from it. Lottery again! The girl on the back and me. I gathered some courage and asked her where is she going…she said “Swargate”…me too. I said without any delay…she smiled…Oh my god…a smile!! Hansi to fansi…I thought in my mind. And then again long silence till the bus came. We boarded the bus and I knew it will only take 30 minutes to reach the destination..So, my dear friends, I had only 30 minutes…


          I started looking in her direction. Not feeling comfortable with my gaze, she turned her face towards me and asked “what are you looking at”. I was embarrassed and somehow managed a smile and said nothing. But that voice! Still echoing in my mind. Five minutes had already passed. I asked her “So do you live in dapodi”(her car was coming from that side). She decided to ignore me this time and didn’t answer. Like I was going to give up. I asked the same question in a little louder voice. She turned to me with small hint of frustration and told me “yes, now would you please stop staring at me”.

                             But I was not going to give up like that only. I didn’t got a word she was saying. I thought she was singing “pehli nazar me kaisa jaadoo kar diya”. My mind was getting over me and I asked her name. Surprisingly, she did not give a bad look this time and said “aditi”. And immediately a song from “Jaane tu ya jaane na” started blowing my mind.


                   I was happy and content to some extent. But suddenly, heavens graced me, she turning towards me for the fist time, and asked “what’s your name?” I don’t know how stupid my facial expression was at that time, but I was able to say Sandeepan without mumbling. Oh, A sigh of relief! “Great work”. I told myself….



~ by lonerviadefault on July 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “sunday-part-one”

  1. hhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    badhiya hai
    par i dont belive 100% of it…. kuch-kuch to uchhal hi raha hai tu…. saara sach to nahi hai…

  2. SR??..abhi this is part one only…the whole day is ahead….incident abhi baaki hai doston..

  3. beta sab sach to nahi hai ucchala tu hai tune but wo to tu hamesha karat hai
    Interesting waitting 4 second part ????

  4. mujhe sandeepan par pura vishwaas hai.. wo jhooth kabhi kah hi nahi sakta..

  5. mast hai launde..the songs sequence was hilarious ! But that disturbed all those in my office :P(Next time make it less hilarious so that I can read in office :P)

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