So, the bus was going with it’s own speed and I was thinking “Now what??”. I asked her “do you work here?” no question please was her reply. “Nvidia!!”I said with some sense of pride in it, but no reaction from her what so ever. She was sitting like ever before. L ..


The bus was now crossing MULA river bridge and I said “what a dirty river”…”I like it”, she said. Oh! I like it too. It’s just that it looks soily…She was smiling and I had no idea what was in her mind. The bus was now in old pune and areas like shaniwar peth,budhwar peth.. I asked her if she could illuminate me on history of these places. “Borring” was the expression on her face but she still went on to explaining me how these were made around 14-th century and ……..


                             Obviously I was not interested in history lessons. I just wanted to talk to her, see her changing expressions while trying to explain me. I did not get w word of it. Now the bus was at terminal station and we were going to separated forever, I thought of the future. Me, sitting under a try and singing a sad song on how I could have made things better that day.


                   Immediately a strong flow of emotions and I started following her. She boarded another bus. Man! Where was she going. I too went in to the bus,

                   “My last bus!” she said smilingly.Oh my god!! My last bus…what could that possibly mean. Was it that she was saying “You fool this is my last bus and your last chance” or “last time you will be bothering me”.

          But I as positive as my blood group. So, I sticked to the first interpretation. Finally, a girl as interested in me as I am in her. This time I took two tickets and gracefully told her that I will take care of it. Just a smile from her. What was with that smile? I was clueless.


                   By the way it was 11 in the morning and it started to rain slowly making it romantic. Millions of thoughts were going through my mind. My neurons were working very hard to get a solution for me. “What should I say now” was the constant thought in my mind. I was restricting my self because it was not even two hours before we met. So, I decided to leave everything to luck, which had been there on my side except for a few times. To my surprise……. J



~ by lonerviadefault on July 8, 2008.

12 Responses to “sunday-part-two”

  1. sandeepan stud ho gaya hai.. ab serial bana raha hai.. weekly ek blog likhta hai, with end as ab aage kya hoga??
    abe ek week lagta hai tujhe itna sochne mein?

  2. hmmmmmmm…..

    (but whats that L and J)

  3. @ SR abe yaar..vo smiley hai…internet explorer me shaid smiley hi dekhegi….kabhi kabhi J ban jaati hai vo
    @Fr@ud..haan yaar…bahut dheere sochta hu..tere jaisa stud dimag nahi hai na 😛

  4. bas is serial ke 2 ya 3 episode aur bache hai…khatam hone waala hai…jyada lamba nahi hai…kyuki itna material hi nahi hai na

  5. when is the next episode due??I am eagerly waiting..

  6. thanku thanku…aayega..abhi ek do din me..

  7. Fraud is right. Sandeepan Jindal stud ho gaya hai ekdum se.

    Sahi hai Sandeepan meri jaan, keep it up!

  8. is quite amazing stuff frm sandeepan!

  9. Kaviraj.. Mast yar.. ab kahaniya bhi likhna start kar diya.. gr8… keep it up.. 🙂

  10. mast likhta he be

    IIT ke baad book likh diyo

  11. now your fan following is growing outside shiva … cheers !!

  12. abe 2 episode nahi soch sakta, to 1 me hi finish maar.. ab kya iit jaane ke baad iska tragic end likhega??

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