ten things

I am a simple man of simple thoughts.. so here are 10 things i would like to do..

  • Kick a rashly driven bike. I see people driving bike like it’s their father’s road: P… I want to kick their a**. and same for the horn blower a**h**es
  • Write a movie script…Write a song which will just rock the world.
  • Skydive/bungee jumping. Well before getting married and be invalid for life. 😛
  • Try to master something like a guitar.
  • Take my parents to a trip around the world.
  • Tell her my feeling or To fall in love again..
  • Be important enough to get killed by some extremist… lol
  • Write my own book…
  • Get so drunk that…Just one step away from dying.
  • 1 See my children graduate, marry and have children of their own 🙂

List will change as will my life…


~ by lonerviadefault on September 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “ten things”

  1. mast hai ..I wanna do half of these too..so take me over when you are going 😛

  2. tell me…so that i can make a excel sheet..coz i m a nerd and i like to make excel sheet

  3. 11
    excel sheet..

  4. he he..ya excel sheet

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