So…i always wanted to write this…about my placement season..
it all started on 28th december…finally ended on 6th december..
Day 1..decemeber 1

Nothing much for a guy with low cgpa…so i kept quiet and prepared for the tests which i was going to face in the coming days..had test of microsoft..screwed it and came regrets..i could never go to microsoft ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 2 Again free..some friends had interviews..but they did not get through..So yet again a rough day for my hostel.

Day : 3 Big day… khaata khula na is din mera…had a test for yahoo in the morning.. It was easy.. 3 from my hostel shortlised for interviews(Me, Myson and Sandy)…first two were surprise entries and were psyched ๐Ÿ™‚ .. Our virgin suit was no more in the packed state..all the seals were broken and finally i wore my suit .. Interviewer was nice…interview was also going gud till i screwed it myself..said a line which i shud not have and there I was back to hostel..But Sandy got through and kicked some high CGPA ass on that day ๐Ÿ˜› ..big day for him and we were happy

Day 4: Netapp test ..7 in the morning..we did it and did it well…Want to know who got shortlisted..Me and Myson again( somebody was scratching his head…how these ^*&^& do this)
.Another day for suit and the interviewer was a guy from iit delhiย  itself…but i think i was not expecting some of the questions.. so another day of disappointment for me..but as a hostel..we had 3 guys for for netapp one for adobe…so big day…But i could not sleep…i wanted to end the process..

Day 5 : Three tests in a row..two cleared interview..not got through..i was mentally and physically wasted…A call from home was enough for tears flowing down my eyes..but i think it was all the frustration..exhaustion coming from my eyes.. My friend..trinabh (JEE rank 6)was also very upset..we went to SDA…bought ourselves some beer and talked how we were not going to be matter how many interviews we screw in coming days..I slept well..

Day 6 :: Big day…
Had a test…for IBM and webaroo…got through both of them….had a normal interview with IBM…and cool interview with webaroo…wasn’t expecting last around 4:30 PM ..came the good news..three studs of comp science are going to IBM(Me Myson and Trinabh)….Ended a week of frustration..happiness…and starting of “End of my journey at IIT Delhi”

In the end..if you want to meet the best guys at IIT Delhi…go to IBM building.. the voluteers..working 24*7.. for us…they were more happy that us when we got the job…thanks to them(I hope tommy is reading this :))


~ by lonerviadefault on December 7, 2008.

6 Responses to “Placement”

  1. 11
    some best guys are always there to help the other best guys get what they deserve…

  2. Myson + sandeepan = gg
    tommy = sucks

  3. congrats.. all the best you guys!
    (i just surfed on here. but twas nice reading)

  4. Congrats for the placement…..
    badhiya si treat honi chahiye yaar…..

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