those two minutes…

•April 15, 2008 • 5 Comments

Oh…those 2 minutes…
The 2 minutes I talked to you……
Were the best 2 minutes
Of my whole damn day…

Wish I could live my life…
Like those 2 minutes…
How could heaven be better…?
Then living in those 2 minutes…

The feeling of those 2 minutes…
Was good enough for…
A smile on my face….
Whole day…Each n every minute…

Wish I could live my life….
Like those 2 minutes….



•November 13, 2007 • 7 Comments

As the auto stopped at signal,
there came a smiling face,
i could’nt figure it out.
was it smile or was she just making a face..

it was not a cute face…
standing there was a 6 year old girl
begging me to buy a pen..
the pen with a torch..
oh…she lives a dark life..
with no torch at all…….

i tried to give her 2 rupees.
but she won’t take it..
she said please buy it for 10 rupees
i said i wont be able to make it..

but she insisted on it..
like her life was on stake..
at last…i bought the pen..
oh..i could see the smile on her face..
a smile for just 10 rupees..
like wind was blowing through trees..

by now..the signal was green..
so i was gone from the scene..
there were too many other..
a part of my mind said,,why bother..

I hate it…..

•June 25, 2007 • 10 Comments


I hate it…….

Hate it when I think about you….

Because I don wanna think about you…

I hate it…..hate everything about you..


There are times…

Times when I feel like I am in dark…

I don’t need you this time…..

Coz my fate is in dark…


I hate it..hate it..when I thnk you are real…


You are not real…….

But … memories try to kill me..

How come this can happen……

Can,t you go and leave me….


I hate it…hate it wen you come in front of me…….


Coz wen you come………..

My heart stops…….

Giving a feel as if I m dying….

I can hear you crying…….


I hate it ….hate it wen you told me that you are real……


Why did you told me …

You are real……

Now my mind..will kill me….

I think I will die…..

Searching for you………….


I still think you are not real…..


I hate it…hate it wen I think about you


•June 12, 2007 • 10 Comments


Hey buddies……who the hell care about title… make it whatever…

So in this whatever…m goin to write about my recent trip to angsana (a beautiful resort near Bangalore)…

So we boarded our buses and started our small but interesting journey. So as always…our group (including all the back benchers) was at back seats….n we started singing songs in our great voices….everybody had their heads turned in our directions….the look on their face(what the f**k are they singin) told us to stop..Instead they also started singing except some firangi guys…(kuchh samzh nhi aa rha tha naa unhe)….then we started playin antakshri and it was really crappy….

We arrived dere at around 11:30 and we were told that lunch will be at we had lots of time for wandering around and see if we could find something interesting(read beautiful girls)…but our search landed no were…So we played a cricket game and then headed for lunch.

After the lunch started the great MSR treasure hunt….which made us crap in our pants….it was such a pain…the puzzles were too good. But our team managed (under my great captaincy…ya I was captain of my team) 10 puzzle(I think I solved all of them J) out of 12..but we still lost.but who cares..We enjoyed.

Then after treasure hunt…we were back to rooms to refresh ourselves. So at 8, we were back to party hall…where every one was dancing like a freak(literally).So that was a gud chance.I had small amount of red wine and joined those freaks and in 2 min .i was too a freak..den some pretty ladies joined us and we danced our hearts out(we had no idea our body was going to say the next day:::who the f**k r u to mess wid me) n after some time a had a tequila shot for the first time..It tasted kind of good. Then again dancing with bunch of freaks. We danced till 11 and after talking some crap…we were bak to our rooms for a sound sleep.

The next day we sneaked into the swimming pool and I learnt a bit of swimmimg. i swam a few meters without getting drowned. It was gud. Then I had breakfast and then the theatre work shop started and a weird lookin guy came and said”r u ready”. We said yes J . And then the workshop started. I was expecting it to be pretty boring. But it was interestin. It gave me a chance to kiss (virtually) good lookin ladies(pretty senior to me).And at end we did a little skit in which I played a role of HANUMAN BHAKT. Then after the workshop was over.we again sneaked into pool and tried our hands on water polo. We were in water from 4 to 7 pm…our skin was goin to peel off.but we came out and saved ourselves.

Than at night again wine dine and dance.But iot was different this time.There was a small fashion show in which all the researchers came in J different J dresses and we really enjoid that thing and after that we danced again like previous nite.Then after dance we were sitting in front of our room and played antakshri. Two of our frends were drunk like hell. They were like”I m alrite,I don need any help, you morons”.but they were completely out of mind.So we were singing till a guard came and our beautiful singing skills were put on an hault and we decided to sleep.

The next day we had break fast and started bak…but the pain in the whole body(result of ruthless dancin) was still dere and my body was cursing me.

So we arrived at office but I was not feeling like doin work. So I got bak to my room and had some sleep and came back to office at 10 pm.And here I m sittin writin this piece of crap knowing that nobody will rcare to read it.Still screw you guys..i m goin to write “whatever”


screw u guys

•June 7, 2007 • 1 Comment

You guys… You guys.. You guys,……

Usually I don prefer to write unless it is about me…..but this guy….eric cartman..has forced me to write…

U may be wondering….who the f**k is eric cartman….well, he is character from cartoon series”Southpark”. If u have not see n it…then screw u guys….i m goin home to watch it….

Now here are some unique properties which makes CARTMAN everybody’s favorite…..

1. He is quite fat..But he says he is big boned.

2. He always eats a thing called cheesy poofs……if u can hear it from his mouth…it is awesome.

3. The way he calls his mother ..whenever he needs something….”maaaaaaam,could you pleeease buy this thing….but maaaaaaaaam….i need this”

4. Whenever he scolds somebody…first line..”no kitty u r not supposed to eat it”…second line”no kitty this is bad kitty”

5. His views about jews(pardon me if I write anything wrong)….He thinks anything happens wrong…….it’s a jew’s fault.

6. If at all..anyone is creatin problem for him….he thinks that the best way to avoid is to kill him(literally).

7. His voice….i bet if u hear it…..u are goin to laugh a hell outa u.

So these were the general properties of eric cartman…….if you find a person with these properties…..plzz report to me….he hud be eric cartman….


•May 15, 2007 • 10 Comments

Jab bhi main kuchh sochne ki koshish karta hoon,


Pata nahi kyun,tumhara chehra saamne aa jata hai…….


Bas yu hi sagar ki…


Lehron ki tarah lehra jaata hai.




Kuchh din pehle main theek tha,


Na jaane ab kya ho gaya hai,


Bas tumhi dikhti ho…neendon mein,khabo mein


Jaise hi mein gaya sagar ki lehron ke viprit…


Mujhe wo beete din yaad aa gaye,


Ki jab mein tumhe dekhkar kisi se bhi lad jaata tha,


Tumhare bare mein kuchh galat sun naa paata tha..




Paanch saal,6 mahine,4 din beet gaye tumhe dekhe hue,


Fir bhi yaadein taaza hain,


Yaad hai muzhe vo din,


Ki jab maine tumhe pehli baar dekha tha,


Kisi ko na acchhi lagi tum,


Par mere man ne dekha tha,




Shaid tumhari aankhon mein bhi pyar tha……..


Bas kehne ki darkar thi,


Jo na tum keh paayi naa mein,


Aur fir bichhdne ka din aa gaya….






Bahut roya us din…..par dheere dheere khud ko sambahala hai,


Par aaj fir tumhari yaadon se pada pala hai,


Sochta hoon ik din tum milogi,


Aur meri si adhoori kavita ko poora karogi


•April 23, 2007 • 11 Comments



As I am lying alone on bed at 3 p.m


I wonder what it will be after summers break,


With 4th yearites gone


Would the hostel activities be ever on track?




I think of those smiling faces,


Winning for hostel in races,


Taking pride in anything they do,


I think I cant fit in their shoe.




Suddenly a thought comes to my mind,


That I cant live without them,


But I know I will forget them some day,


But in deep memories, I will think of them.




I think of them going is a pain,


But its like heat in the rain,


It will not be there some day,


I hope that the memories will wash away.






Sorry for a bad vocabulary .Its my first ever writing in English and that also a plzz forgive me..and appreciate it..So that u can see some gud writings in future . 🙂