Ok folks…this is the last one…with people speculating and ridiculing…. I want to cut short and end it here… So, there were us, sitting clueless on what to say (I think both of us). Tha last stop was coming and I was already feeling strange. I wanted to tell her something, but I just could not come up with words.  The bus was now on it’s destination and I think both were feeling kind of weird.  Seeing a small coffee(even though I hate coffee) shop on other side of road, I asked her for a coffee.

                She was blushing J …. I thought luck was on my side. She didn’t say a word and just followed me. I ordered two hot chocolates and there again, we were sitting like two aliens who don’t have any mean of communication. And then there was small ray of hope from no where, a bunch of words on her bag, some coaching institute. I aksed her if she was preparing for exam( I wanted to tell her my success story and give her some tips for impressing her). She said… she is a 2nd year student of  !@!@# college of engineering ,pune.Hmm…. a chance. Came and gone in wink of the eye. I thought she would ask my college. But she didn’t… poor me.

 Then I asked her” it’s weird na”. She asked what weird. I said ”we sitting here!”.. she said “oh yes. It is very weird, but the coffee is good. First time she flared her natural smile, and I was falling in love. Then we had a normal chat about movies, Delhi, pune , her two friends in the car. Now came the mot important thing… are you single…She said yes…me too: P..

The coffee was over and so was our brief encounter. I wanted to take her to some movie, some funny movie so that I could see her laugh. I wanted to tell her jokes….I wanted to care for her…but every thing ended…

She said she was going to leave for home, her final destination… I wanted to ask her address. I wanted her phone number. But something in me told me not to do so.

As we were going to be seperated for forever… With some hesitation, i managed to say her”Can I  hug you?”..

She said no….


10 Responses to “sunday-part-three”

  1. hmmmm

  2. badiya tha yaar…..first two parts bade hopeful se the….but ekdum abrupt,tragic ending!!!!
    but anyways,best of luck for the next weekend!!!!:D

  3. dont have her number or any contact ??

  4. hmm..that’s a personal question …i have changed the end … and her phone’s personal… 😛

  5. u have the number..then this is not the end.. picture abhi baki hai mere dost.. 🙂

  6. strict no no to reading comments vasu bhai 🙂

  7. oh poor baby!

  8. hehe.. darr gaya.. 2 episode aur chalata.. critics to hote rahte hain.. critics ka kaam hi criticize karna hai.. aur direct hug par aa gaya.. final destination ka pahle address to poochh leta.. anyway, nice try.. ab koi achchha likhna..[:P]

  9. Hug you??
    that was lame!!

  10. Hahaha…. “Can i hug u?” If u were neways going for that then u shud have gone for “U wanna make out, behind the coffee shop?” 😀

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