ek lau :(

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Was watching NDTV in the evening..a song is being played ..a special program in memory of those wh0 died in recent attacks .. i had heard this before..but this time ..it was different.. I don’t even know how to react to what’s happening. This helplessness is so frustrating..it left me crying..here are the lyrics.

Ek Lau Is Tarah Kyun Bhuji Mere Maula…

Gardishon Mein Rehti, Behti Guzarthi,

Zindagi Aahein Kitni…

In Mein Se Ek Hai, Teri Meri Agni,

Koi Ek Jaisi Apni…

Par Khuda Khair Kar, Aisa Anjaam Kisi Rooh Ko,

Na De Kabhi Yahaan…

Guncha Muskuratha Ek Waqt Se Pehle,

Kyun Chodd Chala Tera Yeh Jahaan…

Ek Lau Is Tarah Kyun Bhuji Mere Maula,

Ek Lau Zindagi Ki Maula.

Dhoop Ke Ujaale Se, Aus Ke Pyaale Se,

Khushiyan Mile Humko…

Zyada Manga Hai Kahaan, Sarhadein Na Ho Jahaan,

Duniya Mile Humko…

Par Khuda Khair Kar, Uske Armaan Mein Kyun

Bewaja Ho Koi Qurbaan,

Guncha Muskuratha Ek Waqt Se Pehle,

Kyun Chodd Chala Tera Yeh Jahaan…

Ek Lau Is Tarah Kyun Bhuji Mere Maula,

Ek Lau Zindagi Ki Maula.



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So…i always wanted to write this…about my placement season..
it all started on 28th december…finally ended on 6th december..
Day 1..decemeber 1

Nothing much for a guy with low cgpa…so i kept quiet and prepared for the tests which i was going to face in the coming days..had test of microsoft..screwed it and came back..no regrets..i could never go to microsoft 🙂

Day 2 Again free..some friends had interviews..but they did not get through..So yet again a rough day for my hostel.

Day : 3 Big day… khaata khula na is din mera…had a test for yahoo in the morning.. It was easy.. 3 from my hostel shortlised for interviews(Me, Myson and Sandy)…first two were surprise entries and were psyched 🙂 .. Our virgin suit was no more in the packed state..all the seals were broken and finally i wore my suit .. Interviewer was nice…interview was also going gud till i screwed it myself..said a line which i shud not have and there I was back to hostel..But Sandy got through and kicked some high CGPA ass on that day 😛 ..big day for him and we were happy

Day 4: Netapp test ..7 in the morning..we did it and did it well…Want to know who got shortlisted..Me and Myson again( somebody was scratching his head…how these ^*&^& do this)
.Another day for suit and the interviewer was a guy from iit delhi  itself…but i think i was not expecting some of the questions.. so another day of disappointment for me..but as a hostel..we had 3 guys for oracle..one for netapp one for adobe…so big day…But i could not sleep…i wanted to end the process..

Day 5 : Three tests in a row..two cleared ..one interview..not got through..i was mentally and physically wasted…A call from home was enough for tears flowing down my eyes..but i think it was all the frustration..exhaustion coming from my eyes.. My friend..trinabh (JEE rank 6)was also very upset..we went to SDA…bought ourselves some beer and talked how we were not going to be upset..no matter how many interviews we screw in coming days..I slept well..

Day 6 :: Big day…
Had a test…for IBM and webaroo…got through both of them….had a normal interview with IBM…and cool interview with webaroo…wasn’t expecting anything..at last ..at around 4:30 PM ..came the good news..three studs of comp science are going to IBM(Me Myson and Trinabh)….Ended a week of frustration..happiness…and starting of “End of my journey at IIT Delhi”

In the end..if you want to meet the best guys at IIT Delhi…go to IBM building.. the voluteers..working 24*7.. for us…they were more happy that us when we got the job…thanks to them(I hope tommy is reading this :))

ten things

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I am a simple man of simple thoughts.. so here are 10 things i would like to do..

  • Kick a rashly driven bike. I see people driving bike like it’s their father’s road: P… I want to kick their a**. and same for the horn blower a**h**es
  • Write a movie script…Write a song which will just rock the world.
  • Skydive/bungee jumping. Well before getting married and be invalid for life. 😛
  • Try to master something like a guitar.
  • Take my parents to a trip around the world.
  • Tell her my feeling or To fall in love again..
  • Be important enough to get killed by some extremist… lol
  • Write my own book…
  • Get so drunk that…Just one step away from dying.
  • 1 See my children graduate, marry and have children of their own 🙂

List will change as will my life…


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So, the bus was going with it’s own speed and I was thinking “Now what??”. I asked her “do you work here?” no question please was her reply. “Nvidia!!”I said with some sense of pride in it, but no reaction from her what so ever. She was sitting like ever before. L ..


The bus was now crossing MULA river bridge and I said “what a dirty river”…”I like it”, she said. Oh! I like it too. It’s just that it looks soily…She was smiling and I had no idea what was in her mind. The bus was now in old pune and areas like shaniwar peth,budhwar peth.. I asked her if she could illuminate me on history of these places. “Borring” was the expression on her face but she still went on to explaining me how these were made around 14-th century and ……..


                             Obviously I was not interested in history lessons. I just wanted to talk to her, see her changing expressions while trying to explain me. I did not get w word of it. Now the bus was at terminal station and we were going to separated forever, I thought of the future. Me, sitting under a try and singing a sad song on how I could have made things better that day.


                   Immediately a strong flow of emotions and I started following her. She boarded another bus. Man! Where was she going. I too went in to the bus,

                   “My last bus!” she said smilingly.Oh my god!! My last bus…what could that possibly mean. Was it that she was saying “You fool this is my last bus and your last chance” or “last time you will be bothering me”.

          But I as positive as my blood group. So, I sticked to the first interpretation. Finally, a girl as interested in me as I am in her. This time I took two tickets and gracefully told her that I will take care of it. Just a smile from her. What was with that smile? I was clueless.


                   By the way it was 11 in the morning and it started to rain slowly making it romantic. Millions of thoughts were going through my mind. My neurons were working very hard to get a solution for me. “What should I say now” was the constant thought in my mind. I was restricting my self because it was not even two hours before we met. So, I decided to leave everything to luck, which had been there on my side except for a few times. To my surprise……. J



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Ah! Another weekend and again! Me standing on the road hitch-hiking, following “Meher’s guide on ten ways how not to hitch-hike”. Hundreds of vehicles passed by till one car stopped.



Whooopie!!Lottery!! Three gorgeous girls. They asked me where to go? I held my breath and told them my destination. Fortunately they were going on the same way. I was sitting on the back seat of the car. The girls in the front were talking shit but the one on back with me was silent. What a innocent face! I told myself. The car stopped at my location and two people got out from it. Lottery again! The girl on the back and me. I gathered some courage and asked her where is she going…she said “Swargate”…me too. I said without any delay…she smiled…Oh my god…a smile!! Hansi to fansi…I thought in my mind. And then again long silence till the bus came. We boarded the bus and I knew it will only take 30 minutes to reach the destination..So, my dear friends, I had only 30 minutes…


          I started looking in her direction. Not feeling comfortable with my gaze, she turned her face towards me and asked “what are you looking at”. I was embarrassed and somehow managed a smile and said nothing. But that voice! Still echoing in my mind. Five minutes had already passed. I asked her “So do you live in dapodi”(her car was coming from that side). She decided to ignore me this time and didn’t answer. Like I was going to give up. I asked the same question in a little louder voice. She turned to me with small hint of frustration and told me “yes, now would you please stop staring at me”.

                             But I was not going to give up like that only. I didn’t got a word she was saying. I thought she was singing “pehli nazar me kaisa jaadoo kar diya”. My mind was getting over me and I asked her name. Surprisingly, she did not give a bad look this time and said “aditi”. And immediately a song from “Jaane tu ya jaane na” started blowing my mind.


                   I was happy and content to some extent. But suddenly, heavens graced me, she turning towards me for the fist time, and asked “what’s your name?” I don’t know how stupid my facial expression was at that time, but I was able to say Sandeepan without mumbling. Oh, A sigh of relief! “Great work”. I told myself….



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Suno suno suno(Dhol in background),

Sarkar ne kholi nayi dukan hai…

na hai dava,  na makan hai,

hai to bas,  iit’s ki ik katar,

vote bank badha de…

Oh..vishnu avtar.



IIT rajyashtan,iit Chandigarh,

Naye naye ye naam hai,

Soch rhe honge na,

Chhooya apne desh ne naya mukam hai.


Aisi waisi koi baat nahi,

Sarkar ki koi deen-eeman ya jaat nahi,

Ise to bas logon ko lubhona hai,

Gujjar mare ya meena,

Sarkar ko bhala kya lena hai


Kholo,kholo bhai nayi nayi dukan,

Par badlo thoda samaan,

Rakho kuchh aisa…

Aaye jo sabke kaam

Tabhi to keh sake na hum,

Ki Bhaiya!!!!!!!


The Perfect Dream

•June 13, 2008 • 8 Comments

Had a dream last night,

No scary ghost, just a fight,

A simple story,

Days of my glory.


I am a king of a big country,

But not so happy

Coz missing in my life,

Is a lovely sweet wife.


Far from my kingdom,

Lives a king,

They say her daughter,

One day,

Would lead to a slaughter.


The night I decided,

That I will fight that king,

Slide in her daughter’s hands,

A beautiful diamond ring.


 So next day, my ships are ready,

Guns are blazing,

I start the journey,

Not knowing the ending.


War began, slaughtering began,

I also joined,

Riding on to my horse,

Killing without mercy.


There I saw the girl,

The girl who took over my heart,

Shedding precious tears like rain.

Holing her father’s head,

Asking me to kill her.


A tear rolled down my eyes,

Bending on to my knees,

I ask her to go with me,


Comes from nowhere a arrow,

Piercing and bonding over bodies into one

We were dying slowly,

But I lived thousand lives,

Seeing into her eyes.